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Richard Brehaut UCLA

Predicting Stanford-UCLA

You won't find UCLA in any national top 25 ranking or even on many lists of Pac-12 South championship contenders. But the Bruins aren't exactly the 2009 Washington State Cougars, either, and might even have a couple of very sur...
by Willys DeVoll

Stanford-Arizona Quick Reads

Quick Reads: Stanford-Arizona

Stanford once again gave its fans a nerve-racking opening 30 minutes of play before settling in and pulling away in the second half. Stanford fought off several pro-Arizona momentum shifts and three disheartening injuries to wi...
by Willys DeVoll


Nick Foles

Predicting Stanford-Arizona

Stanford begins its Pac-12 season with what could be one of the Card's toughest conference opponents. Arizona has a record-breaking quarterback (Nick Foles), a big home field advantage (at Tucson's Arizona Stadium) and frustrat...
by Willys DeVoll

Old Main University of Arizona

Campus Questions: Arizona Wildcats

Before this week's Stanford-Arizona game, we had a chance to ask Arizona Daily Wildcat football beat writer and assistant sports editor Alex Williams about the Wildcats and how he thinks Saturday's game will shake out.
by The Daily Axe Staff


Duke Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections: Stanford-Duke

With two weeks of college football now complete and the air beginning to collect an autumn crispness, Stanford stands exactly where all but the most radical of football observers guessed the Card would be: 2-0, with the non-con...
by Willys DeVoll

Stanford-Duke Player Analysis

Stanford-Duke: Player Analysis

We've already covered what happened during the game in Durham on Saturday, so I thought I'd take a look at some of the individual performances offered by various Stanford players during Saturday's game.
by Connor Huchton