Black Stanford Football Jersey

Reserved for AC/DC

"Back in Black," that is. Anyone even remotely interested in Stanford football knows that the Cardinal--the team named after a shade of red--wore black uniforms on Saturday night against Wake Forest, a school that actually wear...
by The Daily Axe Staff


The Syndrome Syndrome

Why does anyone care? Well, the Capital One Cup is a clear intended substitute for the Directors Cup, which has been around since 1993. Since that time, only North Carolina and Stanford have won the award, and UNC only won once...
by The Daily Axe Staff



Some Video Cheer

For those of you who have never seen this ESPN “This is SportsCenter” ad–and for those who have and want to see it again (it’s worth several views)–enjoy.
by The Daily Axe Staff


Coercion to Comment

We've implemented two measures that hopefully will encourage more comments on content. First of all, comments now go through a Disqus-powered platform, making commenting easier and more aesthetically pleasing. Seco...
by The Daily Axe Staff



The Daily Axe Shop

Last night, we launched The Daily Axe Shop, an online outlet for merchandise. We currently offer 25 different products, many of which come in various colors and sizes, including some novelty items like the tailgati...
by The Daily Axe Staff


The Brand-New Daily Axe Podcast

Willys and Dave discuss Stanford football and college games from around the country, as well as new uniforms and why Space Jam/Yellow Submarine best explain the Boise State phenomenon. Be sure to watch out for the next episode ...
by The Daily Axe Staff