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Willys and Dave discuss Stanford football and college games from around the country, as well as new uniforms and why Space Jam/Yellow Submarine best explain the Boise State phenomenon. Be sure to watch out for the next episode ...
by The Daily Axe Staff


Predicting Stanford-San Jose State

As football once again comes to The Farm, Stanford is presented with the most formidable of opponents, the gravest of foes, the sure bet to challenge and conquer each of its competitors this season: the San Jose State Spartans....
by Willys DeVoll



2009 Flea Flicker

In case you’re having trouble getting pumped up for the Sacramento State game this Saturday, here’s a 1-minute reminder of the quarterback and #1 wide receiver that Stanford has returning for 2010.
by The Daily Axe Staff

US_Supreme_Court Low

Quick Reads: Stanford-Washington State (2010)

Our initial thoughts on the Washington State game. Believe us: it wasn't as bad as you think.
by The Daily Axe Staff


Orange Bowl

Predicting Stanford-Virginia Tech: Orange Bowl Edition

Stanford enters Monday's Discover Orange Bowl as the higher-ranked team, the team with the better record, and the 3.5-point Las Vegas favorite. This could be Andrew Luck's last game before he leaves for a big NFL payday, and it...
by The Daily Axe Staff


Can You Say Disaster?

There simply is not a lot to say about this game. Stanford fell apart. We'll probably never know why, but it was the first time this season that the Card have been an embarrassment. They weren't embarrassing because they lost, ...
by The Daily Axe Staff