In Need of Luck

Here's the gist: fans can vote for who they want to win the Heisman, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the fan vote become the three slots on a real Heisman ballot. Granted, the impact of one ballot is tiny, but when...
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Old Main University of Arizona

Campus Questions: Arizona Wildcats

Before this week's Stanford-Arizona game, we had a chance to ask Arizona Daily Wildcat football beat writer and assistant sports editor Alex Williams about the Wildcats and how he thinks Saturday's game will shake out.
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Football Preview: Notre Dame-Stanford (2010)

Finally, we have a forthcoming game that may not be a blow-out. Though the Fighting Irish are a less-than-spectacular 1-2 thus far, their two defeats have been about as narrow as defeats come. Last week, the Irish fell to Michi...
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Who Has that Heisman Magic?

With the college football season roughly half over (Stanford has played 6 of its 12 regular season games) it's time to look at the big picture of the sport. We'll have a Stanford mid-season report for you later this week, but f...
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SI Young

Remember our vow to call out national sports sources that don’t give Stanford and its athletes their proper due? Well, today that vow forces us to call your attention to Sports Illustrated‘s Stewart Mandel. In his p...
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Duke Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections: Stanford-Duke

With two weeks of college football now complete and the air beginning to collect an autumn crispness, Stanford stands exactly where all but the most radical of football observers guessed the Card would be: 2-0, with the non-con...
by Willys DeVoll