August 30, 2011

When Irene Calls…

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By The Daily Axe Staff
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The site has been quiet and the uniform bracket’s final round of voting (scheduled to begin on Monday morning) has been delayed. And all of this happened in the first football week of the season. So what’s going on?

Well, hurricane/tropical storm/collection of over-hyped clouds Irene came, and knocked out a lot of the things (both technological and editorial) that make this site run. We think that everything is back in working condition now and is ready for the season. The uniform bracket will resume on Wednesday morning and run until Friday; a preview of Stanford-San Jose State will hit the virtual press on Thursday; and a brand-new podcast episode will hopefully find its way to the site and iTunes this week.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a variety of improvements to The Daily Axe, including a new design that elevates the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the site and a growing stable of writers. While we’re proud of the site as it is and has been since launch about 13 months ago, there’s always a way to continue improving. Stanford fans deserve the best possible product, and the digital realm demands continual renewal and innovation.

And since you’ve now read this news-free, analysis-void post, check out some great football content from college football aficionado and friend of the site Paul Myerberg over at Pre-Snap Read. Paul has an in-depth preview of the Card, which he ranks as his #5 team in the country. And his plug for The Daily Axe is a very appreciated touch. From the piece:

Is the Andrew Luck love affair overshadowing the retooling Stanford needs to do at several positions heading into 2011? That’s a rhetorical question, as we all know the answer. But Luck is that good, and I don’t even need to tell you that. He’s good enough to lift this team on his back — like a Tebow at Florida, McCoy at Texas, Vick at Virginia Tech, Crouch at Nebraska — and carry it all the way to the national title game, which is a scenario very much in play should the Cardinal take out Oregon in early November.

Once again: thank you for your patience, and Go Card!


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