January 11, 2011

Final Top 25

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By The Daily Axe Staff
The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton
Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and Auburn top the rankings. (Image by Chris Pusateri Photography via Flickr)

With every college football game of the 2010 season now over, and our final conference power rankings released, we’re now taking a look at the best teams in the country, and where Stanford and the rest of the PAC-10 fit into that picture. Oregon and Stanford end up as the only PAC-10 teams included in The Daily Axe’s final top 25.

  1. Auburn (14-0)
  2. Texas Christian (13-0) Even though Oregon proved to be a worthy challenger to national champion Auburn, TCU’s flawless records helps them jump ahead of Oregon and grab the #2 spot.
  3. Oregon (12-1)
  4. Stanford (12-1)
  5. Ohio State (12-1) OSU would likely lose to many of the teams ranked below the Buckeyes on this list. Nonetheless, their only loss came to #10 Wisconsin, and the only other 1-loss teams below Ohio State in the rankings (Boise State and Nevada) play in the Western Athletic Conference: a far cry from the Big Ten.
  6. Louisiana State (11-2)
  7. Oklahoma (12-2)
  8. Boise State (12-1) Boise could be have been as high as #2 on this list had they not lost to #13 Nevada on November 26.
  9. Alabama (10-3) The three losses hurt the Crimson Tide, but they gave Auburn a game in the Iron Bowl and spanked #15 Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.
  10. Wisconsin (11-2)
  11. Oklahoma State (11-2) Lost to two top 25 teams (#21 Nebraska and #7 Oklahoma) and did so in close games.
  12. Arkansas (10-3)
  13. Nevada (13-1)
  14. Mississippi State (9-4) The Bulldogs appear this high because of their difficult schedule and their phenomenal performance against Michigan in the Gator Bowl.
  15. Michigan State (11-2)
  16. Virginia Tech (11-3) Stanford whipped the Hokies, but Frank Beamer and Co. would almost certainly beat any team below them here, with the possible exceptions of Missouri and South Carolina. Their ability to stay with Boise State in the season opener helps the Hokies look better, considering that their conference schedule was less than impressive.
  17. Missouri (10-3) Loss to Iowa in the Insight Bowl really hurt a surging Tiger team. It’s also still difficult to figure out why they lost to a Texas Tech team that finished 3-5 in Big 12 play.
  18. Texas A&M (9-4)
  19. Florida State (10-4)
  20. South Carolina (9-5)
  21. Nebraska (10-4)
  22. Central Florida (11-3) Came on strong with an impressive win–and the school’s first bowl victory ever–against Georgia in the Liberty Bowl.
  23. Utah (10-3) The Utes should have an opportunity to compete right away upon entering the PAC-12 next fall.
  24. North Carolina State (9-4)
  25. Tulsa (10-3) Quality win over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl helped a C-USA team that hasn’t lost since October 9.

So there you have it. Feel free to send us your comments or your own top 25 by emailing, commenting on the article below, or tweeting @DailyAxe.

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