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December 8, 2010

Procrastination Destination

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By The Daily Axe Staff
"Porpoise or dolphin" (salt water ma...
This is only relevant if you keep reading. Seriously.

Today is the intersection of Hump Day and Finals Week of the first quarter of the academic year. That means that for all of you study-overloaded students desperate for Friday to come, for all you loyal readers sitting in an office also waiting for Friday to come, and for the entire staff of TGI Friday’s, whose restaurant name only makes sense 1/7 of the time, The Daily Axe is breaking out a mix of quickly readable tidbits and favorite Stanford videos to pass the time until the pesky papers and exams disappear and the Farm is liberated until January 3.

Cardinal News Updates

  • The Touchdown Club of Columbus has awarded Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh the 2010 Woody Hayes Award for best college football coach in the nation. Harbaugh went to and played for Michigan, the sworn enemy of Ohio State. The late Woody Hayes became a legend as the head football coach of the Buckeyes. Let’s hope–for several reasons–that Harbaugh isn’t the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines when he accepts the award in Columbus on February 5.
  • As we pointed out on Twitter yesterday, if Andrew Luck finishes second in this year’s Heisman voting, 2010 will be the first time since 1969 that a school has had different Heisman runners-up in consecutive years (Toby Gerhart finished second in the voting for the 2009 Heisman). In 1969, Purdue accomplished the feat. Arkansas had a Heisman runner-up for 2 straight years ending in 2007, but the same player–Darren McFadden–was the runner-up both times. This sort of history was actually quite difficult to find–here’s a good table.
  • We received an email from the creator of a petition to have President Hennessy excuse students from classes on January 3 so that they can attend the Orange Bowl without fearing academic consequences, and we’d like to plug it here. The petition had over 1500 signatures at publication time, and you should at least consider signing the petition even if you have no intention of personally traveling to Miami. There’s no reason why devoted fans shouldn’t have a day off to support a highly successful on-campus team.
  • Rule of Tree and SB Nation Bay Area point out that Stanford and Virginia Tech players will receive some nice gifts when they arrive in Miami for the Orange Bowl. That’s BCS money in action, folks.
  • And now, video time:

In case you forgot that dolphins are smarter than humans:

In case you forgot why you love Stanford:

In case you forgot why Cardinal are much cooler than our peers at “peer institutions”:

Important Note: the above video is not a parody. It’s an official product of the Yale Admissions Department.

In case your forgot that Jim Harbaugh is not just a very good football coach, but also an articulate one:

In case you forgot why Andrew Luck is #12 in your program and #1 in your heart:

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