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September 17, 2010

Bear Watch: Fantasy Sports

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By The Daily Axe Staff

Brace yourselves, readers. In our first installment of Bear Watch, the program designed exclusively to keep an eye on those mischievous Golden Bears from east of the Bay, we have discovered what Berkeley students actually do when they’re not protesting, sleeping in trees, or watching their football team lose to a WAC school that plays on a soccer field.

While we won’t waste your time explaining why the video is so disturbing, there are a few YouTube comments worth pointing out:

TruthLikeWater: devils. Isnt raven claw the Evil one. besides the fact that everyone in the series is evil. We all need to get together and help these kids find a cooler hobby. Like drawing or painting.

pistolwhipmcgee: This is $%&*ing stupid. It’s like Trekkie morons learning klingon. This is the real world. I’m glad I graduated from Berkeley before this @#!$ went down.

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